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Los Angeles carpets from a variety of carpet mills

At Lester Carpet we can special order carpets from our showroom for clients in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and throughout the Los Angeles area. We have thousands of specials stocked locally in our warehouses. Our inventory consists of cheap carpet options, in price and not quality. We offer synthetics and wool that are constantly on special, off goods, or at a discontinued rate. Our carpets are the best choice for a variety of reasons. We offer a wide range of prices, making all choices the most cost effective choice for everyone.

Each carpet provides one of the most comfortable flooring options, especially when it is installed over padding. They keep the place warmer, providing insulation while regulating room temperatures. Carpet also helps with suppressing sound while offering tons of fashionable choices to compliment any style and décor. At Lester Carpet we promise to provide all clients with durable carpets. Each carpet is made with new technologies which produce tough carpets that are less capable of getting stained or crushed. If for some reason you are not happy with the carpet you chose, or you simply want to change the décor of the entire room, our carpets can easily be changed or upgraded!

You should keep in mind that all carpet requires regular maintenance. Vacuuming at least once a week and getting professional annual cleanings are highly recommended. Carpets can still be stained, soiled, or crushed if they are treated poorly or are not cared for properly. Preventative care must be taken with all kinds of carpet. Some carpets can get snags or pulls if subjected to extreme wear and tear or abuse. We also recommend getting window treatments to prevent fading! For more information on how to care for your new carpet, or to find out which carpet is the easiest to care for, contact one of our team members today!

Types of Carpet we have:

  • commercial and residential carpet
  • so many styles from low pile to high pile to shag
  • every color imaginable
  • unique patterns

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Custom rug for one of our amazing Designers, the very talented Darren Ransdell.
Carpet 5040. Italian. Wool.
Carpet 5776, Wool.
Wool Carpet. #5780.