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In Los Angeles Custom area rugs

At Lester Carpet we are experts in creating the most aesthetically pleasing area rugs for your home in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills or Hollywood. We make custom area rugs and runners for our customers at our on-site fabrication in our warehouse. Because we have an on-site warehouse, we are able to create your rugs in record time! Our turnaround time is usually 1 week. Our team is able to take almost any carpet and turn it into a custom area rug.

Custom binding options:

  • ¼ in.
  • ½ in.
  • Up to 3 in.
  • Mitered or square corner bindings
  • We usually use cotton for bindings, but we also offer a variety of other fabrics
  • We can also use your own material for bindings

The area rugs we create can be made from traditional carpets or natural fibers and are great for existing hard surfaces such as hardwood or stone. Our custom rugs are great for renters and can be taken with you when you move, making your transition that much easier.

All of our custom rugs and runners are made with care, great skill, and much attention to detail. We make sure every project we complete meets your needs and suits your style. Not only will our stair case runners give your interior a more welcoming look, but they will also compliment your overall decor. We are able to assist you with a variety of needs regarding your custom runner or rug.

We carry natural fiber rugs (seagrass, sisal, wool, etc.), low pile commercial quality rugs, shag carpet rugs, and many more!

With Lester Carpet the possibilities are endless! We are completely capable of handling most of our cutting and binding in our warehouse which reduces turn around time, and offers a higher attention to detail from us. If you have any questions regarding custom area rugs contact one of our team members today!

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Custom rug for one of our amazing Designers, the very talented Darren Ransdell.
Carpet 5040. Italian. Wool.
Carpet 5776, Wool.
Wool Carpet. #5780.