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In Los Angeles Linoleum

Our Sheet Vinyl usually (12' wide or 6' wide rolls). "True" linoleum comes in the traditional sheet flooring, as well as tile and click flooring.

Why Linoleum and Sheet Vinyl?

  • Cost Effective- Sheet vinyl is an inexpensive option for floor covering
  • Comfort- While most sheet vinyl has a solid feel when installed, newer vinyls and linoleum have some cushion for comfort
  • Warmth- Vinyl sheet and linoleum products tend to be warmer than stone tiles
  • Fashion- Newer sheet vinyls are mimicking stones, woods, fabrics, and more. True linoleum has a classic marbled look in a variety of colors
  • Durable- Linoleum is a good choice for rooms that may be exposed to water, and it is very resilient against cracking or denting from impact
  • Changeable- Linoleum is an easily changed or upgraded product

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Custom rug for one of our amazing Designers, the very talented Darren Ransdell.
Carpet 5040. Italian. Wool.
Carpet 5776, Wool.
Wool Carpet. #5780.