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In Los Angeles Rubber

Lester Carpet can order rubber flooring from many popular suppliers. We carry rubber flooring for outdoor use, gym flooring, and commercial use.

  • Comfort- Rubber flooring typically provides give under foot making it a nice surface for walking or play
  • Sound suppression- Rubber flooring provides superior sound suppression, and can be used as an underlayment for other types of flooring
  • Durable- Rubber flooring is typically very difficult to damage.
  • Repairable- Rubber tiles can be replaced if needed
  • Sustainable (somewhat)- Some rubber flooring products are made from recycled materials and/or are recyclable themselves
  • Fashion- While the list of residential products is limited, new technologies are allowing for more color friendly options in the home.
  • Maintanence- Usually mopping is enough, rubber can be polished with a wax emulsion product for additional protection from fading and damage.

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