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Why Wood Floors?Fashion - Durable - Ease of Maintenance - Sustainable - Repairable - Valuable

  • Hardwood be installed over a sound suppression membrane if needed.
  • Always in style and aesthetically pleasing, wood flooring tends to "open" the floor space.
  • Graining and colors give different amounts of natural variation and depth to the floor.
  • Hardwood Flooring can handle foot traffic without crushing or matting an is a solid floor that doesn't have any give or "bounce" to it.
  • New finishes provide heavy scratch and scuff resistance. Hardwood flooring typically requires less maintenance than most flooring options
  • Damage to hardwood can be usually be repaired, or refinished without replacing the entire floor
  • Most hardwood floors are sustainable with less frequent replacements resulting in less landfill waste
  • Wood floors (in good condition) typically add value to a home


  • Hardwood veneer wear layer attached to either a plywood or solid core
  • More resistant to higher humidity levels than solid wood
  • Can be installed over concrete, or plywood
  • Can be installed in most levels of the home
  • Many different styles available
  • Can usually only be refinished, not sanded and stained

Solid hardwood

  • Solid hardwood has more versatility in regards to being sanded, stained, or refinished
  • Solid is typically thought of as a more permanent wood flooring, and usually is considered to have a higher value
  • While typically low maintenance, wood flooring must be protected from dirt, sand, or other potentially damaging materials.
  • Wood flooring can be dented, scratched, or gouged.
  • Wood flooring can require area rugs for warmth, or to help with sound issues.

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