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In Beverly Hills A variety of luxury vinyl tile options

Lester Carpet in Los Angeles can order vinyl tiles from most of the major LVT suppliers for our Beverly Hills and Hollywood clients. We carry many different styles including commercial vinyl tile and new heavy residential styles (stone, wood, or tile).

Our luxury vinyl tiles are the best choice for a variety of reasons. We offer a wide range of prices, making all options the most cost effective choice for everyone. Our vinyl naturally keeps the place warmer than actual stone. Vinyl also helps with suppressing sound while offering tons of fashionable choices to compliment any style and decor. At Lester Carpet we promise to provide all clients with durable luxury vinyl tiles. They are typically very scratch, fade, and dent resistant. Some products contain wear layers that make them suitable for commercial use. Many of these also come equipped with water and slip resistant materials. Most planks and tiles can be easily changed or upgraded.

The maintenance and repair is fairly minimal and easy to complete. We offer a wide range of qualities, but our higher end LVT’s help add value to homes.

We advise all customers to keep in mind the different qualities of vinyl planks we offer. There are many kinds on the market right now, which make some better than others.

While usually they are water resistant, moisture from the sub-floor can still cause and create unnecessary issues. Dirt and moisture can still collect between tiles. If planks are damaged, they usually require replacement. You should take note that regular maintenance and proper care can help elongate the life and appearance of your tile. If you would like more information on how to care for your new planks, or to find out which tile is the easiest to care for, contact one of our team members today!

Examples of tiles we carry:

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Custom rug for one of our amazing Designers, the very talented Darren Ransdell.
Carpet 5040. Italian. Wool.
Carpet 5776, Wool.
Wool Carpet. #5780.